Sik-e-Dakh - Glen Vowell Band Physical address
8500 Sik-e-dakh Road

Mailing address
RR#1, Comp 43, Site J
Hazelton BC, V0J 1Y0

Telephone numbers
Main (250) 842-5241
Fax (250) 842-5601
Toll free 1-877-653-8833

Sik-e-Dakh Vision

A healthy, safe, positive community that is sustainable now and for future generations.

Brief Description

Sik-e-dakh (Glen Vowell) is a small but vibrant and resilient First Nation community. In 1998, Sik-e-dakh celebrated its 100th birthday! Sik-e-dakh is situated in west central British Columbia tucked away just off the Kispiox Valley road 10 kilometers north of Hazelton.

Total registered member's population 390
Total registered on reserve 231
Total non-members/non-registered 65

Chief & Council Members

Chief - Tony Sampare Councilor - Jennifer Sampare
Councilor - Jenelle Van Tunen
Councilor -Robert Sampson           Councilor- Robynn Muldoe

Staff Members

Jillane Spence - Receptionist
Barb McRae - Education
Arlene Morrison - Social Development
John Olson - Brighter Futures Initiative
Mel Azak - O&M

Roz Sampson - WTP
Mary Lou Malott - Band Administrator