The Glen Vowell Band is situated in the Community of Sik-E-Dakh B.C.
We are located 10 km north of Hazelton B.C., on the banks of the Skeena River

Sik-E-Dakh; Meaning “Bright Lights Behind Mountain”


Band Manager – Velma Sutherland
Finance Officer – Mary Jane Maitland
Social Development – Carlene Wright
Education – Johanna Sessford
Housing – Velma Sutherland
Operations and Maintenance- Marvin Gawa,
Reception – Arlene Sampson
Finance and Social Development Assistant – Rachelle Wesley
Emergency Operations Director-eocdirector@glenvowell.ca

Brighter Futures Coordinator- Soulieanna Vandenberg


Chief Councillor – Tony Sampare
Deputy Chief-Jennifer Sampare
Councillor – Brandon Campbell
Councillor – Michael Sampson
Councillor – Robert Sampson.